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Here's What the Crooks Took

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Some thieves are picky and some thieves are not. Some know what they want and others will load up anything they can carry. Other times thieves will take such an inexpensive item that you wonder why they'd risk an arrest and possible jail time for such cheap loot. Here are some of the things that thieves took recently.

 In St. Charles County, a thief broke a car window and stole a $1500 purse that was sitting in plain view on the front passenger seat.
A 30-year old St. Louis woman was arrested after she was caught stealing $800 worth of merchandise from a local Toys "R" Us store.
St. Peter’s Police arrested two 21-year old women for stealing a bottle of shampoo from Sally’s Beauty Supply.
Thieves burglarized a home in Fenton, taking a 55” flat screen television, a Walther P22 pistol, a laptop, a pair of red and black Nike Shox sneakers and 3 sets of infant clothes.
The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department reported that someone broke into a home recently by getting in through an open garage door and then an unlocked kitchen door. The thieves took a $260 dollar nail gun, a flip phone, $60 cash, 4 cartons of cigarettes, a 12-pack of Budweiser (12 ounce bottles) and a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, valued at $2. Fill in your own punch line on this one, but the total loss was put at $556.


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