Build A Bear's Warm Christmas Story -

Build A Bear's Warm Christmas Story

        Call it a new twist on an old story, or call it a political twist on an old story.  It probably depends on what side of the political fence you're on. 

       Certainly, critics have been the most vocal about the Build A Bear video story, Under The North Star.  The story-line of fossil fuel emmissions melting away the north pole crossed the line for some into the arena of political preaching.  A place they say, has no place among children. 

      In their defense, Build A Bear says they never intended to be political, but wanted to inspire children to make a difference.  Their statement read in part, "...we have always strived to empower and encourage kids to help others by participating in their communities and the world.  We listen to parents and kids about topics thet they are interested in and care about."

      The statement ended by saying they did remove the videos from their website, citing that the story-line has concluded.

     Conservatives have had a field day with this calling for a boycott of the company. 


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