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9 Year old organizes hospital DVD benefit

KMOV - A southern Illinois fourth grader is taking Christmas spirit to a whole new level.

While at Cardinal Glennon Hospital for getting his tonsils removed, 9-year-old Maison McHughes wanted to watch a movie, but noticed the DVD selection was lacking.

To solve the problem, McHughes decided to get as many kids movies on DVD's as he could, and donate them to Cardinal Glennon before Christmas.

"When I was staying, they had a little kid over in the next room and he had no parents with him ,so I think if that kid's still here then he'll have something to entertain him with," McHughes said.

Maison's dad thought the idea would generate 20 or 30 DVDs, but little did he know the idea would take off.

"And it kept snowballing from there. One person would talk to another person. They'd hear what we're doing and I'd get a phone call or a text message saying I've got 11 DVDs at my house," Ken McHughes said.

They ended up collecting over 150 DVDs.

Needless to say, Maison's mom is proud.

"He gets what Christmas is about. It's about family and giving back and that's just what he's told us," said Krista McHughes

The hospital is impressed too. Officials say Cardinal Glennon is all about making an unpleasant situation as pleasant as possible and Maison has helped advance that idea.

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