Southern Illinois 9-year old expands hospital's DVD library -

Southern Illinois 9-year old expands hospital's DVD library

As a fourth-grader you'd expect Maison McHughes to be writing Santa.  Instead, today at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital he played Santa.

Maison told me he was in the hospital around Thanksgiving getting his tonsils out.  He only had to spend one night there.  He asked his mother to get him a movie out of the hospital's library and when she brought a VHS tapes because she couldn't find any DVDs he thought that was weird.

So on his way home the next day, with barely a voice yet, he told his parents he wanted to collect as many kids' DVDs as he could and donate them to Cardinal Glennon.  Word spread through texts and phone calls.  Even a couple of businesses donated DVDs to the cause and on Tuesday afternoon Maison and his parents brought around 150 movies to the hospital so kids who have to stay there longer than he did have more choices for entertainment.

"When I was staying there," Maison explained to me, "they had a little kid over in the next room and he had no parents with him so I think if that kid's still here, then he'll have something to entertain himself with."

His parents say they're proud their only child seems to really get what Christmas is all about.  "Family and giving back," his mom Krista says.  His dad Ken did tell me his nine-year old is still a nine-year old.  Maison gave him a list of the toys and games he wants for Christmas, too.

I asked a hospital spokesperson what he though of Maison's gesture.  Bob Davidson told me Cardinal Glennon is all about making an unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible.  He says Maison has certainly contributed toward that goal.

Way to go, Maison.




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