Pavement company allegedly targets elderly man -

Pavement company allegedly targets elderly man

KMOV - An elderly man still has thousands of dollars in his account thanks to some quick-thinking bank officials.

Now the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is investigating a paving company for trying to take the man's money.

Harvey Wobbe isn't sure what his new driveway is made of, but he knows exactly how much Alisia's Hotmix Pavement Company wanted to install it.

"They wanted $12,000...I said 'I don't want nothing,don't bring that grader up here,'" says Wobbe.

Wobbe says he did not call the company for an estimate. "I was outside and doing work and they drove up and called me over," he says.

He says the paving company did way more work then he asked for, then drove Wobbe to the bank when they were done.

Police say Wobbe's account didn't have $12,000, so the pavers asked Wobbe if he had any CDs he could cash in. The bank got suspicious and called the cops.

According to the Missouri attorney general's office, its already investigating the company for two unresolved complaints. As for Wobbe, he still can't believe a small job turned into a huge ordeal.




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