Tax hike increasing Metro funding on April ballot -

Tax hike increasing Metro funding on April ballot

KMOV - St. Louis County voters will get another chance to decide whether to increasing funding for Metro.

In 2008, voters rejected a proposed tax increase for Metro, which created big dips in services Last March.

State funding restored most of the routes last August, but that money is running out.

St. Louis County executive Charlie Dooley asked the council to approve a half cent increase in the sales tax to keep Metro going.

During a council session Monday, the council heard from around a dozen speakers, most urging to put the measure on the ballot. Opponents referred to Metro's past mismanagement (it must be noted that Metro has been under new management for some time) and slight of service to south and west St. Louis county as reasons to keep the item off the ballot.

After hearing from all speakers, the council agreed to put the measure on the April 6th ballot.

St. Louis City passed its tax increase previously, but no money has yet to be collected. Officials say the money will be collected if the St. Louis County tax hike passes.

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