More car break-ins downtown -

More car break-ins downtown

Another string of car break-ins kept St. Louis police officers busy overnight. This is the second time in less than a week that thieves have hit up cars in the downtown area.

Police think they have at least one suspect in custody this morning after the man crashed his car, which was full of what police believe are stolen items.

Sunday night police got calls for two car break-ins -- one at the Missouri Athletic Club; another across the street.

As police were investigating the first call, a car blew through a traffic light, hit another car and crashed into a lamp post at 10Th and Locust in front of Left Bank Books. Police popped the trunk of the crashed car and found what they believe are stolen items. It's unclear if this suspect is tied to last night's break-ins or any that happened last week in the Loft District.

While police were busy with that investigation, they got another call for a car that was broken into at the Drury Inn across from the Edward Jones Dome and kitty-corner from the MAC.

Police are now contacting the cars' owners to see if any of the items they've recovered belong to the victims.

St. Louis police have put 14 officers on a roving duty, driving the streets to help curb car break-ins, but they say a lot of the thieves they arrest are repeat offenders who can get in and out of a car in a matter of seconds.

Two employees at the Metropolitan Psychiatric Center on Delmar also called our newsroom to report car break-ins there. The callers say four cars were broken into and that it's not the first time it's happened. One man reported that his stereo was stolen from his dash and that his glove compartment was also broken open.

Police warn to not leave anything valuable or that even looks valuable in your car. That means, don't leave any bags or even things like a GPS mount or phone charger in your car, because police say it entices thieves to go looking for what you think you've hidden.

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