Former U.S. Fidelis manager talks about company's woes -

Former U.S. Fidelis manager talks about company's woes

KMOV - A former U.S. Fidelis manager is talking about what could be leading to the company's demise.

Eddie Struckman worked inside the walls of U.S. Fidelis for six years. That all came to an end on Monday, and Struckman's not too happy with his former company.

"I'm not one to hold a grudge, but after the way they treated myself and what's going on there, it's sick, it's not good," Struckman says.

Another sign of possible financial trouble, Struckman says, is the company stopped all television ads last Friday.

Struckman says he has not had access to company financials in six months, and although he was the general manager, he's been kept outside the companys inner circle.

It started when the new CEO was hired.

"It very much went down hill after Chris Riley showed up," Struckman says.

Struckman says the company grew at too fast a rate. In April, the company had nearly 1,100 employees. As of Friday, the number is less than half that.

Struckman also claims that one of the company founders, Darain Atkinson, liked to spend money. He called Atkinson's $17 million Lake St. Louis home overkill, and believes Darain and his brother Corey made some bad financial decisions.

"I think money changes people a little bit, I'm not going to condemn them," he says.

Struckman said there's been recent talk of a new vision at U.S. Fidelis, but doesn't know if that means a new company is in the works. Struckman also wants to dispell rumors. He says the Atkinson brothers are not financing him in any way, and although he has his own business model and website, it will not include the founders of U.S. Fidelis.

The former manager thinks it's time for the Atkinsons to publicly explain what's happening to one of Wentzville's largest employers.

U.S. Fidelis has said all along they are committed to the future and that policy holders have nothing to worry about, irregardless of the layoffs at U.S. Fidelis those contracts are insured.

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