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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

        First I don't think the people running the Rockwood School District saw this one coming.  And really, as they tell me, this isn't something they created.  But some history textbooks in advanced high school classes are starting to relace BC (Before Christ) with BCE (Before Common Era) and AD (Anno Domini) with CE (Common Era) to mark periods in history.

      Rockwood officials say teachers are just explaining what the new letters mean so students won't be confused.  They've taken the position of taking no position at all.  Those who object to this want Rockwood to take a firm stance on this by formally endorsing BC and AD. 

      But the question goes way beyond Rockwood because if textbooks are making the change then this is happening all over. 

      Change can sometimes come hard, and shuffling letters around like this can be somewhat confusing.  I can still remember trying to convert to the metric system many years ago. 



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