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Womans dog attacked by two pit bulls, wants owners to pay up

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV)-- A South County woman's dog was viciously attacked by two pit bulls. She wants the pit bull owners to pay up.

Patrice Harmon is angry over an attack in her own backyard. The slideshow to the right are pictures of her dog Scotty. The pooch was attacked by two pit bull mixes that got loose. Harmon said they belong to her neighbor who didn’t even apologize.
Steve Dopriak and his wife Shannon own the dogs. Shannon Dopriak was showing News 4 the other dog Chelsea, but Chelsea broke loose.
They tried calling for the animal, but when it ran away Dopriak's wife had to run after it. Shannon Dopriak was cited on Tuesday for violating the leash law.
Harmon said the vet bills are piling up. So far she had to make a $1,200 down payment. She wants her neighbors to reimburse her for that at least.
Harmon said she's planning to put up flyers in the neighborhood warning residents about the dogs. She's concerned about what might happen if the dogs break loose again, not only is she worried about other dogs in the neighborhood, she's really concerned about what could happen to a small child.

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