Despite appearances, H1N1 flu still around -

Despite appearances, H1N1 flu still around

KMOV - If you think you're not hearing as much about the flu lately, you're not alone.

Area health departments are saying the flu seems to be taking a little break.

However, according to officials, the flu is still there.They say it is something they say to still worry about, especially for those who have not been vaccinated.

Health officials say this is no time to relax and think the H1N1 flu is on it's way out, because in fact, the odds are this strain of flu is poised to make something of a comeback. They say influenza has a pattern of coming back between January and February.

Fortunately, many counties now have made the H1N1 widely available. For example, St. Louis County offers shots every day at its north and south county centers. In Illinois, St. Clair County will open up a vaccine clinic Saturday morning at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville.

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