The price keeps going up -

The price keeps going up

Construction of the New Mississippi River Bridge is expected to start in Spring of 2010. However, this project has hit a roadblock and it all deals with money. The project is budgeted for 640 million dollars, but there is a part of the bridge that may come in over budget. That's because contractors have put in bids to build the main span of the bridge ( which is the part of the roadway that is suspended between the two towers) for 20 percent more than what I-DOT and MO-DOT is willing to pay. Mo-dot says the lowest bid for that part of the project is 229 million dollars, that's 39 million more than what MO-DOT expected to pay. Transportation officials hope to make a decision on the winning bid before the end of the year. Construction on the bridge could wrap up by 2014.


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