Former Mizzou wrestler excited about MMA contract -

Former Mizzou wrestler excited about MMA contract

COLUMBIA — At the end of former Missouri wrestler and Olympian Ben Askren’s first mixed martial arts fight, it was clear he possessed a talent for the sport. Although the usual MMA match lasts for three five-minute rounds, Askren knocked out his opponent in just one minute, 27 seconds.

Askren, a former Missouri wrestler who competed for the United States at the Beijing Olympics, said he felt confident about his MMA debut.

“I was totally excited,” he said. “I really enjoyed it while I was in there, and I was just excited to get in there and get down to business.”

MMA fighting is the “incorporation of every martial art in the planet basically,” according to Askren. So far, Askren is 3-0 in MMA fights and will look to improve his record this spring.

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