Economy delays plans for former Ford plant site in Hazelwood -

Economy delays plans for former Ford plant site in Hazelwood

The Aviator Business Park is nothing but 160 acres of dirt.  That will change, but when exactly, no one knows.

The economic development guy for the city of Hazelwood, David Cox told me, "It may take several years for the project to actually build out but the fact the project's already started... we're off to a very good start."

Hazelwood has been proactive since its Ford plant shut down.  Losing 18-hundred good jobs can light a fire under city leaders.  After a developer tore down and cleaned up the site, it's something of a waiting game now.  Waiting for the economy to turn around.  The developer told me there is interest in the site... just not for right now.  It could be a year to 18 months before we see the first business set up shop in the Aviator Business Park. 

I talked to the owners of Hazelwood Bowl located right across the street from the site of the old Ford plant.   Workers from there used to fill their bowling alley and they're hoping once construction begins on some buildings, they'll get some of that business and then the business from the people who ultimately go to work there.

A dry cleaner told me essentially the same thing.

I asked David Cox if it's possible even more jobs come out of the Aviator Business Park than came out of the Ford plant.  He said, "Yes." 

But who knows when.

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