Are Dog-Nappings on the Rise? -

Are Dog-Nappings on the Rise?

This week, The American Kennel Club re-issued a warning no the heels of a rise in dog thefts:

Since last year, when AKC first noted concerns about the prevalence of pet theft, more dogs are disappearing.  Through November 30, 2009, the AKC has tracked more than 115 missing pets via incidents reported by news media and customer reports.

In 2008, the AKC tracked a total of 71 thefts. The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which tracks stolen property nationwide, currently lists 200 stolen dogs. In response to this continuing trend, AKC offers the following advice to prevent your “best friend” from being the target of a crime.

Last month, I told you about two case St. Louis Police were investigating:  Click here to read this story

I'm happy to tell you that Xena was eventually returned after a good Samaritan spotted her hiding out behind a building, near the Loop.  Xena was scraped up, but otherwise OK.  Police tell me that since nothing else was taken and that the rest of the house was not broken into, they aren't sure if the dog was stolen or somehow got out.

In the other case, a burglar (or burglars) broke into an apartment near Forest Park, stole electronics, and snatched a Boston Terrier named Louie.  I talked to Louie's owner today and her dog is still missing.  Louie is a one year old, neutered male.  He is also micro-chipped.

The American Kennel Club offers a few tips pet owners may want to read up on:

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