Job center closes in Clinton County -

Job center closes in Clinton County

(KMOV)-- This is a tough time to be unemployed. But what if the office you call for help can't help because its staff has been laid off as well? That’s the situation in at least two metro east counties. 

The Worknet office in Carlyle, Illinois is locked up tight on Wednesday. Despite the sign in the window, it's closed more often than not.

Until November 9th, Theresa Rakers managed the office, helping the unemployed find jobs, and the unemployable get training. But Rakers was one of 22 people in the program who lost their jobs, due to what managers say were bigger problems.
Debra Moore oversees the 5 county-wide program. She said for example, youth job programs were being dramatically underserved in Clinton and Monroe counties. But the Clinton County board chairman said the mass layoff hurt those who need these services in his community the most.
In the meantime the office is open only two days a week. But Moore promises to hire better qualified staff as soon as possible.

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