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Rams release Richie Incognito analyzed

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

What many Rams fans have been wanting to hear for awhile has finally happened.  In what is the first real sign that Steve Spagnuolo is finally going to step up and not allow the inmates to run the asylum at Rams Park the St. Louis Rams announced that they are releasing guard Richie Incognito this afternoon.

This comes two days after the guard committed two horrible unsportsmanlike penalties against the Tennessee Titans. This move is unprecedented during the Spagnuolo era and comes at a time when the Rams really can't afford to lose a guard considering they will most likely be down another guard in Jacob Bell.

This move shows two things.  First it shows that Steve Spagnuolo is willing to walk the walk with his "four pillars" strategy.  Incognito is not a player you can count on so he has to go.  Second it shows how disenchanted the Rams are with Incognito in that they are shorthanded, 1-12, and are willing to try and limp in on the final three games with their offensive line.

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