Meeting Henry Hill -

Meeting Henry Hill

       Henry Hill is not a big man but he is one of those people who seem to be larger than life.  His life, as many may know, was up on the big screen in the movie "Goodfellas."  So I have to admit I was anxious to meet him, mostly because I had so many questions.

       I wondered why he thinks no one is trying to kill him even after all these years when he turned on NY's organized crime world and sank into witness protection.  He told me that so many of those guys were now gone, and those that were left were writing screenplays about their experiences.  He did say that is worried that some "punk" as he put it, would one day try something and try to make a name for himself.  Hill did have a body guard here and he says he can still get protection from the FBI with just a phone call.

      I found it interesting that he also told me he never committed murder "personally" but did cause alot of misery to people. 

       I also had to ask him about the infamous "Lufthansa heist" of 1978 in which 5 million dollars was taken at JFK Airport.  He laughed and said he was so far down the line that he was afraid to ask for his share of the money. 

      Most the interview is posted on the website here, so if your interested or maybe enjoyed "Goodfellas" as I did, you might want to hear Henry Hill for yourself.


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