Rebounding still concern for Mizzou -

Rebounding still concern for Mizzou

COLUMBIA — Nine games into the Missouri men's basketball season one would have expected a team like Missouri to have outmuscled some of its weaker opponents. 

Four of Missouri’s six wins have come against lower-tier Division I schools that have an 8-30 combined record. But the Tigers were outrebounded in one of those games (Chattanooga) and had just a six-rebound advantage in another (Fairleigh Dickinson).

In Missouri's other five games, the Tigers (6-3) only outrebounded one opponent, Richmond, 34-33.

“I think the forwards, they’ve got to be able to step it up a little bit more in terms of rebounding,” said coach Mike Anderson during Monday’s Big 12 coaches’ teleconference. “We’ve got to get some guys get some double-figures in rebounds. And not only that, provide some scoring (too).”

None of Missouri’s three most-used forwards – Keith Ramsey, Laurence Bowers and Justin Safford – are averaging near double figures. Ramsey comes closest with six rebounds per game, followed by Bowers (5.6) and Safford (3.2).

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