An Officer's Recovery -

An Officer's Recovery

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

        Isabella Lovadina says she's a stronger person these days and some may think she's even invinceable.  Shot at least four times back in October when she was caught in the middle of a home invasion and tried to stop it.  One woman was killed, Lovadina's boyfriend was shot but survived.   Lovadina says she's getting better physically everyday and while there are tough days dealing with the mental aspect of the shooting, she says wants to return to the force.

        Her smile and her courage enable her to light up a room when she walks in and that's she did Monday night at the Double Play sports bar in south STL as fellow officers held a benefit for her.

        She says she is a changed person, but for the better, with a better appreciation for life. 

        Having come so close to losing her life, it was good to see her smile Monday night.


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