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News 4 Investigates: Stolen Guns

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Burglary is a common crime and happens in all types of neighborhoods. Even Nelly's house was broken into recently. But law enforcement officials in Jefferson County are especially concerned about a recent string of unrelated burglaries. Along with the jewelry and electronics that were taken, the crooks also got away with guns. Fifteen weapons were taken in burglaries that stretch over a 3 month period.

Police recommend that you buy some sort of device that can lock up your weapons while you're away. If you have a large collection, they recommend a safe. If you want to keep a gun by your bed for safety, there are smaller safes that hold 1 or 2 handguns and can be opened quickly by reading your fingerprint.

The bottom line, police worry when weapons go from the hands of law abiding citizens to the hands of criminals. Because they know those guns are likely to be used to commit more crimes and could someday be used to shoot at convenience store clerks or even police officers.

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