Robbery Victim: I Got Fired -

Robbery Victim: I Got Fired

The manager of the GameStop store in Maplewood who was recently fired and he says it’s because he gave a couple of robbers too much money.   Chris Johnson insists he did nothing wrong, instead told News that for weeks there’d been a problem with the safe and he’d told company management about.  Johnson says occasion the safe would not open and he would have to wait ten minutes before he could try it again.  He says the day of the robbery the safe wasn’t working.  He tried the safe several times and finally it opened on the third try.  By this time it was ten minutes until the store open and Johnson said he didn’t have time to run to the bank and deposit the cash; so he closed the safe but did not lock it. 

Around 10:30am two men walked in and demanded all of the cash from the cash register and safe.  At gunpoint, Johnson gave it to them and the men left.  When Johnson came in the next day his boss advised him that he was fired.

I contacted GameStop to find out the reason for dismissing Johnson and the company sent me a statement.  It reads “we do not comment on police investigations and associates, either current or former.”



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