Illinois budget deficit costing Illinois jobs -

Illinois budget deficit costing Illinois jobs

One hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money.  Its not a lot of money, though, compared to the billions Illinois owes its creditors.  So a Troy, Illinois daycare has little hope that one hundred thousand dollar grant which has funded its Pre K program for years will be paid.  It was supposed to have been paid in July.  The state tells the owner to be prepared for an 85 day payoff.  You do the math... aren't we more than 85 days past July 1st?  If nothing comes in before the first of the year, the program's teachers will be laid off.  How do you tell a four year old who adores his or her teacher that because the state can't pay its bills... Mrs. Kori won't be around anymore?  So many people, and institutions, are going through hard times in this recession.  I just hope there isn't a story on the news tonight about Wall Street executives gettinig huge bonuses.....

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