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Police investigate whether father left kids alone when house caught fire

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

KMOV - Police in Centreville are investigating whether three young children were left home alone by their father when their house caught on fire.

Darryl Issac spent Thursday cleaning up after an electrical fire sparked in his kitchen Tuesday on Baker Ave. He admits he was gone when it happened, but he denies his young kids were home alone.

"My boy Tony and my boy Swo was right out there in the front, they saw smoke coming from right here, went in there and got my kids, and you know what I'm saying, brought them next door," Issac says.

Isaac say his friend was instead a hero, and the fact that his kids are safe is proof of that.

Isaac says he would never leave his kids alone. Police in Centreville, however, are getting two different stories. They are hearing from neighbors that they were home alone when this started.

Police say they're investigation is still not over, and the division of family services is investigating as well. That means there's still a chance for charges in this case.

For now, Isaac says he's focusing on rebuilding his home.

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