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Would you buy a product from Tiger?

        So as Tiger Woods does his best to try and disappear from public view for a while, the question, make that one of the questions, is if Tiger's ads will go away for good.

      TLC Vision, a corporation that is based in Chesterfield sent me an email saying their relationship with Woods will not change.

       By now, we know the Gatorade decision was actually made before Thanksgiving, so that can't be tied into the scandal.  

       When I was at the Golf Discount Store in Chesterfield Valley tonight, some shoopers raised some interesting points.  One told me since Tiger is selling golf products to men, for the most part, he doubted the companies would dump Tiger.  And one woman, who did not want to go on camera, was very candid, saying she still thought Tiger was good on the golf course and that's all that mattered.


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