How cold does it have to get to keep you inside? -

How cold does it have to get to keep you inside?

If my job didn't require me to be outside I would choose to be inside on days like today with the wind blowing 30 to 45 miles per hour and wind chills in single digits.

I think most people share my view as there were very few people out today that didn't have to be.  Most were bundled up beyond recognition just going from their car to their building or waiting impatiently at the bus stop.

But I found a few people who apparently need it to get even colder before they do more to stay in doors. 

While out in search of people enduring the weather I found three joggers (2 in Forest Park, one near the Arch)... one bicyclist and one guy walking around downtown in short sleeves.  Wow.

I talked to one of the joggers who told me he didn't look at the forecast or step outside before putting on his running gear and heading out.  He said after a while the cool burning sensation on his face as he ran into the wind disappeared because his face was pretty much numb.  That can't be good.

The other joggers, the biker and the guy in short sleeves I saw from a distance.  But I would have loved to ask them, "How cold does it have to be to keep you inside?"




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