Wind "Shield" Factor -

Wind "Shield" Factor

As I'm writing this blog our wind chill is expect to reach 0 degrees in the St. Louis area. 0 degrees! But as I complain about the wind chill today I can't help but remember growing up thinking meteorologists said "wind shield" factor. No joke, I used to think they just meant how cold it would feel if you were driving down the road without a wind shield. And you can imagine the ridicule I received from my group of friends one day when talking to them about how cold the "wind shield" factor was that day. Kids can be mean! And I should know since I'm still one of the most sarcastic people I know. In fact I have been the one to poke fun at my friends for similar mis-phrasing.

One of my favorites is when my college roommate turned to me and said, "Knicely, note to self. Don't leave your socks on my side of the room." That one killed me! It's not a note to self if you're saying it to me!

So I'm wondering what phrases have you misquoted or misunderstood throughout your years? Or what misquoted phrases do you hear from friends all the time? Please share with the rest of us. And be sure to bundle up this week, the wind shield factor is going to be brutal!

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