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Why Nebraska's Suh is the answer for the Rams

It stinks that we are sitting in an NFL city and already talking about draft picks in early December but such is life in the Gateway City.  The Rams are 1-11 and all that this team will be deciding on over the next month is where they will select in the NFL Draft.

So let's assume that the Rams finish with the worst record in the NFL and they have the number one pick in the draft.  I believe as we sit here in December that there is only one answer.  As badly as they need a quarterback, wide receiver or a number of other positions the Rams should be going with Ndamukong Suh as their A1 candidate before the Draft season begins.

The reason I believe that Suh is the selection is because of two main factors.  First and foremost he is the most dominant player in college football this season.  He dominates games, so much so that he is a finalist for the Heisman Trophy award.

The games against Missouri and Texas, specifically, showed you everything you need to know about his talent level.  It is off the charts.  In my opinion he is not only the best player in college football but he should win the Heisman Trophy on Saturday.  I know Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Craig James of ESPN have voted him as their Heisman Trophy winner and I think if there was not a bias against linemen he would win the award.  Maybe there are enough competent voters like Miklasz and James that will change that bias?

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