Sudafed - Prescription Only? -

Sudafed - Prescription Only?

Jefferson County is the latest community to make sudafed available by prescription only.  I learned today that Oregon has been that way statewide for about a year and the meth problem there has diminished.  The Missouri Pharmacy Association, though, says that Missouri is a different animal from Oregon.  First, we are closer to Mexico and on the way for the meth to travel elsewhere in the states.  Secondly, the Association says it will make it more expensive and problematic for patients - particularly those without regular health care.  I also talked to a physician who said prescription only is worth it to get control of the meth problem.  I don't buy a lot of Sudafed so I don't really have an opinion, other than it is such a shame that illegal drugs could make it hard for a simple sinus sufferer to get the help he or she needs cheaply and easily.

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