It's Noon, Do you know where your children are? -

It's Noon, Do you know where your children are?

Mine are right here. Enjoying a high-nutrient dessert of fig newtons.

It's been a busy morning. I did most of my "chores", so that all morning I could belong to the kids.

Here's what we've packed into the morning:

Painted a unicorn suncatcher. This was one of Flynn's bday gifts that I tucked away for such an occasion (that occasion being Flynn being up before 7 am & me wanting Gabe NOT to be).

Playdough play. Making various common objects, such as bells & arrows. Someone tell me why cookie cutter companies think of things like bells & arrows?

Watercolor art. Because. Well, why not?

Flynn tried to call Papa twice. She wanted him to come over & join the fun. But he was out gallavanting with his retired friends. So, he was unreachable.

About this time, Flynn fell off the ottoman, backwards. Being the non-resiliant child she is, she decided to use her pain & misfortune to boycott getting dressed & being reasonable.

More playdough. Flynn likes to take the blue & green "swirly" (mixed up) playdough & make 'the earth'. Then, she points to a random (probably not random to her) spot & say, "This is where we live." "This is where Aunt Gee lives." Pretty smart, I realize now that I'm reflecting on it.

Then we played the brilliant game of "Let's Empty the Dishwasher". This is really a clever scheme that Daddy & I invented. Mmwwaaahhh aaa aaa (evil laughter). The kids think we're being super nice to them by letting them help. But the truth is, it enables us to get this daunting task done in about 32.7 seconds. Why? Not because of the extra hands putting things away, per se. But because of the fear that the extra hands will drop some of the glass & other breakables. It makes us move all that much faster. You should try this some time. Talk about expedited.

Next, I-Spy computer game. Flynn drives me crazy with the computer. This girl loves technology. And would've been happy with a blackberry from Santa. Bubs & I checked this game out yesterday, at the library....right after he boycotted storytime ("this is for the birds" he yelled out, in Mandarin).
I set the timer for Flynn, while G-man & I headed back to his room for some boy play. I taught him the important skill of holding his face just far enough from the dinosaur, that his sharp scary teeth will be mere millimeters away from your face, when he does his calculated turn. You know, life skills. Things he can take to school with him...experiences to make him a successful man.

By now, the troops were getting restless & ready for something else. Then, the cursed Dora Game House was requested. Dora Game House is a thorn in my side as it contains EIGHT, count them, games. And THREE of those are card games (a whole 'nother story), which look similar. Old Maid looks uncomfortably like Crazy Eights, which is the same color as Go Fish! So, imagine when ALL THREE card games are strewn across the livingroom floor.

So, the three of us play bingo. This is fun 'til Bubs starts doing somersaults. Bubby + somersaults + bingo chips + not-completely-flat bingo cards = Flynn having a total heart attack.
Bingo had to end quickly, and that took total creativity on Momma's part. Let's just say, it wasn't total fate that the spinner landed on Green Isa.

Fast forward to dominos. I didn't even know how to play this game. Flynn taught me. I asked where she learned it. I expected her to say the local retirement village.
What was Bubby doing you ask? Well, I'll fill you in. He was standing on the couch (against the rules) behind me, stage diving. Onto. My. Head. At one point, I figured a good way for him to learn why standing on the couch was against the rules, was to let him go plummeting to the hard floor. He hit with a thud. Looked surprised. And started rubbing his hip. I thought to myself, 'Smart move Momma. That'll teach him. Looks like he got the message.' But that's right about the time he growled a satisfied growl & began a laugh that can only mean: Repeat.

God help me. I'm outnumbered. Then I remembered my weapon. Lunch.

"Flynn, what do you want to make for lunch?"


So, I taught her about burners (right now, Nan & Gram are having a collective cardiac arrest). She turned on the back burner & started the water. She poured in the pasta when the water was boiling. Unfortunately, more noodles went all over the stove, counter, & floor, than actually into the pot. That's when supermomma turned into tired & over-extended momma & I made her push her chair back to the table to wait there for the rest of lunch.

But 1/2 way back to the table, she meets up with Gabe, and his dinosaur. Words were exchanged, some in english, some in Maori. Threats were made. I think that Gabe & the dinosaur won.
Nothing a good bowl of noodles can't cure.
Thank God for carbohydrates.
Now we're all tired.
Unfortunately, some of us are in denial about our exhaustion.
Not me.

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