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Police Ask For Help to Catch Armed Robber

   Right now we're sitting in front of a Circle K convenience store in St. Charles.  We're preparing to do a live-shot for Monday's 10pm newscast.  The story tonight---an armed robber who held up this Circle K and also held up a gas station in West Alton.  Police have good security camera video of the guy. 

   The first robbery happened Saturday night (December 5th) about 11:40pm.  The suspect showed up again a few hours later at another gas station in West Alton. It was about 2:30 in the morning on Sunday.  If you watch the video you see that he fumbles with something in his jacket.  He pulls out a wad of bills and peels a couple off and puts them on the counter.  A few moments later he reaches in again and, this time, pulls out a gun.  He shoves it in the clerk's face and demands the cash drawer. 

   What's frightening is watching this robber foolishly wielding this gun.  If it goes off he could easily end a life.  The clerk is trying to scratch out a living and has to put up with someone who could take his life for a few bucks.  Maybe the robber should take a hint from the clerk and get a job.

   St. Charles police say they're working some leads right now but they're asking for the public's help.  The detective that News 4 interviewed today says someone, somewhere knows this suspect and knows what he did.  They'd like to hear from that person.

   St. Charles Police 636-940-4663 are waiting for that call.

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