Released 1986 cop shooter claims to have changed -

Released 1986 cop shooter claims to have changed

(KMOV)-- Bob Childers has been watching our coverage about his past crimes and release from prison and how the mayor of Florissant, the city's police chief and the injured officers want his parole revoked.

He told News 4 he wants the Florissant police and all police officers to know he's not a threat and that 23 years in prison will change a man.
Childers is living with a reality that he created. Just like the officers he shot, Childers will never forget the 1986 night it happened.
Parole stipulations prevent Childers from contacting Captain Tim Lowery or Officer Mike Armfield. But he hopes they will hear him.
“I would like to make a public apology to the two officers, I know they were doing their jobs I would like to make an apology to their families I know they are distressed and distraught,” Childers said.
On Thursday Captain Lowery's father, the mayor of Florissant, told News 4 Childers should have never been released. He wanted all police officers to be aware that Childers was back on the streets.
Childers knows his mistake was a big one and the eyes of the community are watching. It's been a long road home, 23 years later his neighborhood looks different, and he insists he's different too.
“I’m just hoping my future will be a lot brighter than it’s been these past 23 years,” he said.
In fact so much has changed Childers said somebody had to show him how to dial a cell phone. He had never used one. His number one priority right now is to find a job.

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