Laurie Waters welcomes the new I-64! -

Laurie Waters welcomes the new I-64!

I-64 is open!  I know, it opened yesterday evening but I was out of town and today was my first day driving it.  For the past 2 years, I’ve taken an alternate route from St. Louis county to Channel 4 downtown.  For the 18 previous years, however, I was on Highway 40 every work day heading downtown to the station.  Boy, did I know the bottleneck at 170!  Rain or shine, traffic would be lousy there.  Speaking of rain, how about hydroplaning everytime it rained along the stretch in front of the Science Center?
Now it appears that’s all gone.  Sure, I-64/Highway 40 will be congested, bumper to bumper for Cards games and the Fourth of July fireworks… but to think the daily commute no longer has the 64/170 nightmare!  Yea!

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