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Missouri 73, Oregon 43

5:14: The second half begins and Mizzou has the ball but Anderson isn't happy with the way the set up and takes a timeout

5:20: Over 2 minutes have gone by in the 2nd half and still no buckets for Mizzou. Anderson calls another timeout as Oregon is on a 6-0 run

5:21: Zaire Taylor trips while taking the ball up the court and falls on the ball forcing the Tigers to call their 3rd time out in the first 2 minutes of the half. Now Mizzou only has 1 timeout left

5:22: Keith Ramsey to Zaire Taylor on the breakaway to finally give the Tigers a basket. The lead is now 55-32

5:25: Missouri's mascot, Truman, is kicking and punching to "Eye of the Tiger" to get the crowd back into the game after the slow start to the second half for Mizzou. It works as Laurence Bowers scores and the crowd cheers. Mizzou 61, Oregon 34

5:32: Michael Dixon and Oregon guard Malcolm Armistead exchange a few heated words and both get technical fouls called on them

5:40: Zaire Taylor makes a 3, J.T. Tiller scores on a layup and then Laurence Bowers steals the ball away from the Ducks and gets fouled and makes both his free throws to give the Tigers 7 points within only a few seconds

5:43: Steve Moore gets called on a foul and the crowd shows its first "boo" reaction letting the refs hear it that they disagree with the call

Mizzou leads 73-43 with 10 minutes left in the game!

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