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Halftime, Missouri 53, Oregon 24

4:36: Oregon travels for their 7th turnover of the game, which seem to all of happened in the last 5 minutes or so to help Mizzou build a 13 point lead

4:42: Kim English drains a 3-pointer then after a steal on defense, Marcus Denmon gets the wide-open 3 to give Mizzou a decisive 40-18 lead

4:48: Marcus Denmon is on fire with another 3. Looks like the slow start is far in the past as everyone is scoring for the Tigers and Oregon looking sloppy.

4:52: Mizzou is really feeling it behind the arc tonight as Kim English sinks another 3-pointer.

Missouri got off to a shaky start, probably feeling the pressure to come out strong to stop the two-game losing streak. The second 10 minutes of the first half, however, the Tigers really came alive and got back to the way they are use to playing basketball and starting scoring in bunches and lead 53-24 at half. Both teams seem to be getting a decent amount of second chance opportunities but Mizzou is the team taking advantage, often scoring 3-pointers after an offensive rebound. The offense is really feeling lucky as Missouri has made 9, 3-point baskets already.

Noticeably absent since the first few minutes of the game is J.T. Tiller. Still nursing that foot injury it looks like he will be seeing limited playing time, especially if the lead stays as large as it is. Even without Tiller on the court, the entire team is getting in on the action with 8 guys with points so far. Marcus Denmon is leading the way with 13 points. Mizzou is shooting 50 percent from the field which is double Oregon's 25 percent. Oregon has 12 turnovers to Mizzou's 7. The Tigers are really dominating both sides of the ball and will look to continue their success in the second half.

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