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Missouri 28, Oregon 17

4:16: Justin Safford shoots a 3-pointer to give Mizzou the 9-5 lead.

4:18: low scoring game so far, unusual for Tiger home games hopefully they will get their "fastest 40 minutes" tempo going

4:20: as the shot clock runs down for the ducks the crowd gets loud cheering on their defense with echoing applause and screams

4:21: slopping rebounding for Mizzou giving Oregon too many second chances right now but luckily Oregon is taking hurried shots, Mizzou leads 11-8

4:25: Michael Dixon gets fouled beyond the arc, shooting 3 free throws, but only makes 1. Marcus Denmon picks him up and makes a 3-pointer next possession, Mizzou leads 15-8

4:27: Oregon takes a timeout when Mizzou gets a little momentum after a basket by Laurence Bowers, but coming out of the timeout they turn the ball over

4:30: Another Oregon turnover leads to a wide-open 3-pointer by Zaire Taylor, Mizzou leads 22-8

4:32: offensive rebound by Laurence Bowers sets up Zaire Taylor for 2, to take the tigers to the 8-minute mark of the half leading 24-15


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