Concerns continue over released cop-shooter -

Concerns continue over released cop-shooter

KMOV - Concerns continue over the release of cop shooter Robert Childers.

The Department of Corrections confirmed Childers was serving two life sentences plus 80 years.

However, they won't say why the parole board voted to let him out, claiming it's not public information.

In November 1986, Robert Childers shot Officer Tim Lowery and Officer Mike Armfield.

Armfields police career ended that night.

"The bullet broke the upper bone in my leg shattered, it took out the nerve in my lower leg," says Armfield.

Armfield says it took three years to learn how to walk, as the shooting left him permanently disabled. He says he has thoughts about Robert Childers everyday and thinks the system screwed up.

"Couldn't believe it, couldn't believe a man given that much time serves twenty years and is out, how a parole board could justify that just can't comprehend that," says Armfield.

Armfield says he was never notified of Childers release.

A Department of Corrections spokesperson told News 4 they sent Tim Lowery, who's now a Florissant police captain, a letter.

Lowery says he never got it and the Department of Corrections will not send News 4 the letter, calling it priveleged.

"I think the system has let us down," says Lowery. "This is a system Officer Armfield and I worked to defend."

Childers is now living in Florissant, while Captain Lowery's father is the mayor of Florissant.

Last night he told News 4 he's worried about his familys safety, along with the public.

The Florissant police chief says he is so concerned about this situation that he wants Childers' parole revoked.

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