Pine Lawn police investigating possible officer cover up -

Pine Lawn police investigating possible officer cover up

KMOV - Police are investigating a local police officer for his alleged role in a possible rape case cover-up.

Bilal Flynn is charged with threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend, then raping her. Pine Lawn Police say Flynn has served several prison sentences in New York for 18 felony convictions.

Police say the victim was the key to breaking the case.

"The victim being so couragious, keeping her cool because that's what saved her life, the way she conducted herself," said Police Chief Rickey Collins. "The way she was able to identify the location she was taken to. She did so many things to help this investigation."

Police say the victim agreed to meet her ex-boyfriend Flynn in this parking lot. She drove them to a nightclub in Centreville, Illinois. On the way back, she told him that she had a new boyfriend, and he became enraged, punching her and firing shots out the window. The two drove to a dumpster at a nearby post office.

"He admitted to me on videotape that he took her to the dumpster and threatened to kill her," said Daniel O'Connor of Pine Lawn Police. "She was crying and she was pleading for her life, and eventually she was able to convince him to not kill her."

Flynn then claimed he had consensual sex with the victim six or seven minutes later in a parking lot. He was arrested during a routine traffic stop on Wednesday. Police say the arrest came just 30 minutes before Flynn had planned to leave the area.

Pine Lawn police say Flynn claims a St. Louis area police officer, who is one of Flynn's friends, allegedly helped him come up with an alibi for the rape. Investigators are looking into Flynn's allegations.

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