Five goals for the Rams in their final five games -

Five goals for the Rams in their final five games

Rams have 5 games left in what has turned into another miserable season.  Last Sunday's disaster against the Seahawks left a lot of people, both inside and outside of Rams Park, with a very bitter taste in their mouth.  With that in mind the Rams should have 5 goals to finish their season in a respectable manner and try to build on something to head into the 2010 season.  Here are what the 5 goals should be:

Goal #1: Win 2 of the last 5 games

It seems ludicrous to suggest that a team that has only won one game in their first 11 should have a goal of increasing their win output by 300% but 2 little wins would mean all the difference for this franchise.  I consider 3 of the games a chance at a win, at Chicago, vs. Houston, and vs. San Francisco.  Those games will have the Rams as the underdog but they are games for various reasons I think the Rams could pull off an upset.  The lowly Chiefs and Raiders can surprise teams that they aren't supposed to beat.  Why can't the Rams?

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