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On the ground during South County manhunt

What an intense night in South County.  Typically on these sorts of stories, cops have streets blocked off and we're kept way out of the way.  Tonight was very different.  We got on the seen soon after police got there.  Since the seen was a HUGE area in Jefferson Barracks there really wasn't a specific place for us to be so we were everywhere.  A few times police stopped us (or we stopped them) just to get an update on if WE were in any danger.  The constant answer ways, "Yes, potentially."

They still don't know where this guy is.  A white guy in his late 30s with brownish gray hair about 5'8", 160 pounds wearing a red T-shirt... that's right.. no jacket... and blue jeans.  What he was doing inside an unauthorized area inside the Jefferson Barracks Veterans Hospital is still unclear but he had a gun and tried to carjack an older couple.

I talked to them tonight, too and my exclusive interview with them is here on KMOV.com.

The active search is over for now as they have no idea where the guy is.  They've followed up on about 15 leads that have lead to nothing.  We've got a crew on the scene throughout the night and any updates will be right here and tomorrow on Awake with News 4.

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