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Police searching for man accused of trying to pick up young girls

(KMOV)-- Police in two local cities are looking for a man who may be trying to pick up young girls.

This week, 2 incidents were reported in the Webster Groves school district, the descriptions in each case suggest the same man.
The first case involved an elementary student in Rock Hill, the second a high school freshman in Webster Groves.
Police are not saying if they suspect one man is responsible for trying to pick up both of these girls.
But the descriptions given by the students are a fairly close match, and the school district is putting parents and students on alert.
Security is being stepped up outside Steger 6th Grade Center in Rock Hill. On Tuesday police said an 8-year-old girl was approached by a stranger as she left school using a shortcut at the back of the property. She was on her way to her babysitter’s house and a middle aged man on foot with a blue hoody asked her whether she’d like to go home with him
Later that same day, a Webster High School student was offered a ride by a white man matching that description, with a hoody, driving a white van near Glendale Rd. and Gray Avenue.
In both cases the students turned and ran and told an adult. 
Police are investigating the possibility the cases are connected, but the district is taking no chances. They sent out a message informing parents they had heard about this from police, and encouraged them to talk about stranger danger.
Police in Webster Groves are releasing very little information about their case. Police in Rock Hill said they don't have enough information to definitely link the two cases, even though they sound similar.
News 4 will stay on this case and let you know if police develop any leads.

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