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Judge freezes local fire district's bank accounts

(KMOV) - A judge froze the bank accounts of the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District Wednesday, meaning some local firefighters won't be getting a paycheck

It all boils down to the struggle over control of the money between taxpayers who say they're fed up and a board that has come under fire for wasting money.

Anyone relying on payment from the district will not be receiving money because all of the district's accounts are frozen.

The power struggle was evident in a Tuesday night board meeting that saw two controlling board members use their votes to muscle out a court-appointed board member.

Anythony Gray is now the district's new attorney, hired during that meeting to try and right what many see is a sinking ship.

"Right now our focus is trying to move the district forward in a way that all the people can be proud of," says Gray.

The problem for Gray is too many people want to dig into the district's past, and State Representaive Don Calloway is now welcoming any and all investigations.

"I am concerned as a representative that tax payer dollars have been wasted. I'm pretty confident that that's happened," says Gray.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch now has the state audit of the district. Although he says right now they don't see anything criminal about what happened, money may have been spent wildly and recording keeping was poor. The attorney general and the FBI are also involved.

As for firefighters getting paid, another hearing is scheduled for Friday, in which the judge is expected to free up money to pay them.


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