Fire District's Troubles -

Fire District's Troubles

      Taxpayers in the NE Ambulance and Fire district will be back in court seeking to have the board, with the exception of the court appointed member, held in contempt.  They say the controlling board members violated a court order by voting to pay the district's bills without the court's permission.  It seems the district's assets are frozen over allegations of mismanagement from the state auditor.   And yet Tuesday night many wondered how the board could seemed unaffected by all that is going on. 

      There were some awkward moments, when it seemed the meeting stalled over procedure and what seemed like confusion over rules, as citizens shouted.

      It all created for a somewhat odd evening, that didn't end when the meeting was adjourned.  Many stood around inside and outside the building.  Some speculated that the board retreated into a closed door meeting that excluded the new court appointed board member.  She stood outside, along with her attorney.



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