Thieves using local credit union to run scam -

Thieves using local credit union to run scam

KMOV - Someone is using a St. Louis credit union's name to run a scam.

The scam revolves around a text message that supposedly came from Vantage Credit Union, but the credit union has nothing to do with it.

St. Louis-area resident Jennifer Miller became suspicious when she received a bizarre text message.

"...Saying that my account was frozen, which is funny because I don't have an account there," Miller said.

Vantage Credit Union management is beyond frustrated. Several of the company's own employees also receieved the text.

Employees don't know why the scammers have picked Vantage, but they know the crooks were after account and pin numbers.

The message went to both credit union members and non members. The text listed a California area code, but the number has already been shut down.

The credit union is not yet aware of anyone who's fallen for phony text. Just in case it happens again, though, they want the public to know that no financial institution would send out a text asking for personal account information.

Vantage is now working with police to track down the scammers.

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