Ladue residents nervous after disabled woman raped, robbed -

Ladue residents nervous after disabled woman raped, robbed

KMOV - The attack and rape of a handicapped woman in Ladue is still unsolved.

The woman, in her 50's, was on her way to see the lights in Tilles Park. After running out of gas on Mcknight Road, she was attacked.

Calls are coming in to the Ladue Police, but authorities still have no suspects in this shocking attack in such an upscale neighborhood.

Police still hope to hear from whoever helped the woman Saturday night.

In the meantime, the news is spreading about the attack, and it's making a lot of residents nervous.

The crime is so out of the norm in the upscale community, some are skeptical the violent act even occurred. Police, though, are convinced it did happen, as they slowly get more information from the victim.

Detectives still need to talk to whoever helped the stranded victim between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. Saturday night on Mcknight Road. Police have fielded dozens of calls, but not the one they need most.

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