One More Week -

One More Week

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

      I'm not going to suggest that two years went by quickly, but it is down to just one more week before drivers will be able to cruise down 40 from 270 to downtown for the first time in a long time. 

      Actually the highway should have opened this week, but we can blame the rains of October with setting work back for a week.  The people building the highway also want drivesr to be aware that 40 will not be the same roadway they remember.  The interchanges are perhaps the biggest change.  No more cloverleafs and no more tight exit ramps.  Now there are long and wide ramps on and off the highway.

     So much was said two years ago about shutting 40 down fro re-construction.  As it turned out, St. Louis managed to work it out, some days better than others and some alternate routes better than others (Forest Park Parkway not included).  Spokesman Dan Galvin says if 40 had remained open, there would still be several more years of work ahead of us.  As it stands now, the countdown is on, just a week to go.



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