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Disabled woman raped, robbed after running out of gas in Ladue

(KMOV)-- Ladue police are investigating after a disabled woman was raped and robbed after running out of gas.

This happened around 8 p.m. Saturday in the 400 block of McKnight Road.
Lt. Bill Baker told News 4 the victim ran out of gas while driving south on McKnight Road.  After removing her wheel chair from her handicapped van, she drove north, in her wheel chair, on McKnight Road to locate a gas station.  While in the 400 block of Mc Knight, she was approached from behind by two unidentified white males.  They knocked her out of her wheel chair and dragged her into a wooded area, where she was raped.  They then left her on the ground and stole her wallet, which was in her chair.  Both males walked north on McKnight Road.  The victim returned to her wheel chair and returned to her van. 
Prior to returning to her van, an unidentified female stopped and asked her if she needed help.  She told the Good Samaritan that she was out of gas.  The female left and returned a short time later with gas for the victim's van.  After putting the gas in her van, the victim drove home without telling anyone about the attack.  She later contacted the Ladue Police Department Sunday morning and was treated at a local hospital for her injuries. 
Anyone who might have been traveling in the 400 block of McKnight Road between 8:00 and 9:00 the evening of Saturday, November 28th, please call the Ladue Police Department at 314-993-1214.

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