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Blog- Browse Before You Buy

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

Are retailers wearing out their welcome? First, it was Black Friday. Next, Cyber Monday. Then, Cyber Week?! Retailers are even hyping December 17th because it's the last day for free shipping.

It's all a ploy to get us to shop... and I must say, they've been quite successful. But it's important to sort through the mass amounts of advertising and do some research before you push that "add to cart" button.

Finding your way through the virtual mall can be frustrating but luckily, there are new shopping websites that can help you find the best deals possible. DealNews.Com is my favorite at the moment. The editors of the site post their favorite deals and picks on a constantly updating stream. Plus, you can click on various categories to find deals on whatever you're looking for.

Shopzilla.Com is also a good site to keep on your favorites tab. First, go to Shopzilla and type in the product you're looking for. The site works best if you can be really specific about the product-- for instance, brand, color, style number. The site will then provide you with a list of deals on the product from various retailers. Comparing prices was never easier!

Another favorite-- This site sends you an email alert as soon as the product you're looking for goes on sale.

Online shopping is evolving with every shopping holiday. Although retailers are inundating us with sales, new and innovative websites can help you navigate your way down your shopping list-- and avoid the crowds at the mall! So pass the root beer and grab your snuggie-- it's time to shop!


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