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Why do they call it 'Black' Friday anyway???

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson
Because it is certainly not black (unless you account for the bruises you may get!)!
Where are you headed for bargains?  What's your plan?
Part of my family's Thanksgiving tradition includes scouring through the Black Friday advertisements & making our lists.  Sometimes we travel as a herd (more protection that way!); other times we "divide & concquer".  It has certainly become a way of holiday life for us.  It's exciting, it's competitive, & it is definitely a way to tacklet the shopping list in an affordable & concentrated manner.
Some things to remember:
Dress comfortably & in layers - at one store you might be waiting in a line outside, at another, the crowd might overheat you.
Plan ahead, make your lists - you'll be less likely to buy on a whim.
Get a map of the store ahead of time, you'll avoid wasting precious time by searching for an item.
Take a snack - so much happens in the first few hours of your shopping, you don't want to waste it having to stop for brunch.
Find out store entrances - you don't want to wait outside one door for one of 100 giftcards only to find out there were 2 other entrances that customers were waiting at.
Most of all, relax & know ahead of time there will be a lot of waiting & thick crowds.  Try to have fun & remember... you are saving money!
Some websites to help you plan your shopping spree:
They have adscans of some of the stores.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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