Black Friday: The Experience -

Black Friday: The Experience

They (whoever they are) say it's good to try everything once.  And I do like to try new things, but if I hadn't been assigned to work the early morning shift on Black Friday (two years in a row) I don't think I'd choose to experience it.

Don't get me wrong.  Just about everyone I came in contact with was in a great mood.  From the general manager at the Best Buy in Brentwood we reported from... from the staff there... and all the customers I came in contact with...great attitudes all around.

The customers have interesting or at least entertaining stories.  One guy I talked to was first in line at 7:45am.  That's 7:45am Thanksgiving Day... Nearly 21 hours before the doors at the Best Buy would slide open.  The guy was with his sister and other family and friends.  This is an "event" for them.  They were also there to take advantage of the opportunity to buy a 32-inch HDTV for $300.  That's a heckuva deal.

But one woman I met around 5:30am was walking out of the store with a very small bag.  I asked her what she bought.  She said, "DVDs".  DVDs!  What does someone get up way before the sun to go to a store and buy DVDs.  She told me the to get the ones she wants and for the price she wants ($3.99) you've got to get there early.  She also told me she just enjoys this once a year experience.

Black Friday morning isn't something you "kinda like to do" or "don't mind doing."  For all the lost sleep and all the found traffic, you gotta want to do this.  I've got no problem with that.  But you'll never catch me in a long line in the cold or among the first through a department or electronics store door the day after Thanksgiving.... That is, not without a microphone and a videographer along with me.

Happy holidays.

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